Month: July 2018

Best Food For Your Docile Bearded Dragon

Your bearded dragon has a variety of food needs. It is vital that you know what a healthy diet for your pet dragon consists to make sure that it will stay healthy longer. Feeding your dragon less frequently or otherwise may cause several health issues. Hence, it is best that you make sure that the food that you offer your docile dragon matches its health needs.

If you are looking for the best food that you can offer to your bearded dragon friend, you have landed on the right page. We provide a list of what your pet will consider palatable food sources. You will find a variety of food choices below so you can pick the best among them. This list details the most appropriate food options, including those commercially available, for your pet dragon.

Basic information about bearded dragons

This docile reptile has been a well-favored pet for many animals keepers today. Many have found this tiny creature very easy to maintain and also an interesting animal to keep as a pet. Even though they spend much of their lives in the desert, they can easily adjust to a new habitat, provided that the appropriate setting is created for them. This necessitates the setting up of an enclosure that is just the right size for them to roam around, bask in the manually-adjusted lighting and temperature set up, as well as enjoy the substrates and the food choices offered to them.

A bearded dragon can live for more than a decade, so if you know the proper husbandry for this reptile, you are sure to enjoy years and years of satisfying moments with your pet. It is best that you fully understand how your pet behaves and what kind of foods that it likes too much on, so you can offer the best food for it.

Best Diet for Bearded Dragons

Best diet for Bearded Dragons docile lizard is an omnivore. That means it can live either on animal or plant food sources. However, animal-food sources comprise about 75% of what they eat. Here are the most common and well-suited foods for your dragon.


Note that bearded dragons can live solely on animal food sources. However, to provide them with the best nutrient that can support their health and growth, you will have to replicate their diet in the wild. That will mean that you need to have about 25% of fruits and vegetables in their diet. (more…)

All About Fungal Infections

Fungi are organisms that can cause various health problems if they are not properly addressed right away. They are also known as germs and may be as small as tiny microorganisms or could be as big as a mushroom. They exist everywhere, but they are normally harmless. They can cause itchiness at times, however, and should be treated with anti-fungal creams or oral treatments.

These organisms can also cause more serious health issues, especially if the person they come in contact with are already ill or have a weak immune system. They can also settle in parts of the body where we really don’t have them to be. They could multiply rapidly on the skin, nails, between our toes and, in the private parts.

Fungi can grow even on healthy persons. But they should be treated right away with creams,  any anti-fungal solution, or anti-fungal oral medication to ensure that they will be eradicated and will not cause more serious health concerns.

What are the types of fungal infection

What could be the most annoying thing that fungi can to one’s body is to cause itchy skin problems. These easily identify the types of the fungal infection that may affect areas of the body.

1. Athlete’s foot (clinically called tinea pedis). An athlete’s foot is a condition caused by tiny fungi growing in between the toes. This makes the skin really itchy and quite sore. Doctors usually recommend treating this condition with a cream known as terbinafine.

2. Fungal Groin Infection. There are older people who may develop an itchy fungal infection in the skin. This kind of fungal infection grows (in men) at the top of their thighs (also called the groin creases) and, in older women, under the breasts. Many have experienced an improvement in this condition after a few application of an antifungal cream like miconazole.

3. Ringworm (Tinea Corporis). This skin condition is characterized by a dry, slightly reddish circle of itchy skin that is usually found on the legs or arms. There are cases that ringworms also developed on the scalp. This condition is then called Fungal Scalp Infection (Scalp Ringworm). It usually goes away with best antifungal cream for ringworm or tablet.

What is common to these fungal skin infections is that they are usually itchy rather than painful. The fungal growth also often makes the skin a bit flaky. They are not contagious, however. You won’t catch the infection by simply touching the other person’s skin. Though they can be quite annoying and irritating, they are normally easily treated and are not considered serious health concerns. (more…)